Thursday, July 15, 2010

Park City's new-found religion

There are about 20 houses of worship in Park City, and I always wonder how they can even compete with snow sports, golfing, biking and even water skiing, but the fastest growing and most popular ones are the free weekly outdoor concerts that are held during the summer months, at Deer Valley, The Canyons and Kimball Junction. The crowds coming to these events are huge and keep on growing.
People bring their kids, their picnic, their good spirits, wine, beer and cocktails, lay on the lawn and listen to pretty good acts while chatting among friend, watching people and day-dreaming.

Each venue has its regulars and, just like in church, what a wonderful way to find renewal, unwind, listen to sounds from the stage, doze-off, watch the clouds and appreciate the goodness of life. The dress is totally casual, the attitude relaxed, old folks, teenagers and toddlers can all participate by dancing before the stage. The huge crowd generates an incredible amount of positive energy through a common appreciation for laid-back entertainment in the outdoors. Something I can believe in!

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