Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When the good craft blooms

Last night we went to see Wynona Judd at the Deer Valley Outdoor Amphitheater, and even though I'm no country music fan, had little idea what her repertoire was all about and don't one one single Judd CD, we were impressed by her polish and great craft. Not only is she an impressive singer, but she was able to interact skillfully with the audience and made the 90 minutes she stood on stage go swiftly without one flat and dull moment. Sure, the singer appeared to us as extremely self-centered, but show me a performer without any ego! My wife loved her performance and I was impressed.

The interesting story about Wynona, is that her mom Naomi, dragged her on the stage when she was young and didn't want to do it. This goes to say that weather you are a cabinet maker, a mason, an engineer or a janitor, if you can execute your job close to perfection, put your heart into it and enhance it over a lifetime, the end result will be spectacular.
You may not have to love what you do at its inception, but you'll develop infatuation for what you do and that attachment might bloom into some special ingredient akin to passion. Maybe that's called revelation, but clearly shows that anything we do for a living can be elevated to a very special, attaching degree that we're proud to identify with...

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