Friday, July 16, 2010

Running envy

If there's something I get a lot - a daily dose, at least five times a week - it's running; yet, wherever I can find myself and whenever I see someone running I feel and urge to join in, I'm envious, I want to run. For me running works better in the morning and there are countless occasions when I catch someone running at any other time of the day or even at night and there again, I feel almost jealous. The reason for all that greed is that running is what consumes me without my being aware of it; it's so addictive and so integrated into my life that it's as natural as breathing... In truth I probably don't get enough of it, but if I did, my body might be into pieces! Occasional ski accidents that keep me from running are horrible punishments that I fear like the plague. Running is so rich, has so much to offer that I can't imagine living without it.

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