Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living with snobs

Like many other mountain towns, Park City claims a healthy and significant “snob” population. Last December I was trying to explain how some of us enter that unique but unlimited club when it comes to membership, and today, I wanted to explore how people who think themselves as down to earth can navigate through that segment of population without feeling frustrated, jealous or even angry.
My first line of defense against these folks is to become an observer, like a bird or a whale watcher, and marvel at the “plumage” and all the fancy and studied “moves” displayed by each of them. It's somehow like placing myself into the shoes of some anthropologist trying to decipher their highly orchestrated behavior. My next approach is to make a point to acting naturally, very naturally. Being my very self, with all of my kirks, including the entire sum of my likeable and hateful traits. This effort forces me into a true rebirth and a process of rediscovering how plain, boring and uninteresting I can be when I make the effort. If I ever succeed, the rest of the (normal) world can see how good I can be at practicing... reverse snobbery!

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