Thursday, July 8, 2010

Showing up at the concert

Summers in Park City are studded with as many outdoor concerts as there seems to be stars in the sky as night falls, and along with all the listening pleasure that's including with our impressive musical venues, comes an infinite opportunity for "people watching." First, let me preface this by saying that folks come to these concerts with various motivations. Some are just music lovers, others want to blend the outdoors, dining and entertainment while others just want to be seen, with of course lots of shade in between these groups. The latter type of people are obviously the more interesting to observe as they display themselves as birds of colors.
They generally do a wonderful job at getting noticed. They dress (or undress) the part, move a lot, talk loudly and abundantly expose themselves so they can't be missed. They're of course in competition with the band, the pleasant weather, the drinks and the food that inside the public plates, and they generally do a great job at staying on top of that contest. There's even a guy that comes to every (free) concert and regularly entertains a crowd of two to three dozen people, moving his cocktail shaker around as he creates an endless flow of Martinis while he turns his back to the stage. There is another type of spectators that I failed to mentioned earlier; it's those that also love to watch the scene while listening to the music and having dinner. We're part of that latter group...

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