Friday, July 2, 2010

Immigration reform and BP...

President Obama just reignited the debate about emigration, in time in seems, for the November election. Like in the BP disaster, it seem obvious to me that any effort made in fixing the problem should start with addressing and resolving the “leak.” What I mean by that is enforce the law and track down illegals in a rather aggressive manner. I know what I'm talking about; I came here as an immigrant and worked up my status to permanent resident, then citizen, by following the rules after going through the all hoops set in place by the immigration system. What I think about the whole matter is quite simple. Everyone should be handed a biometric card, and should have to produce it one upon request by law enforcement authority, whether one's white, yellow, brown or black.

If the card can't be produced, the person is shipped outside of the US at the country of origin's expense and barred from ever, ever re-entering the country. Employers who disregard an applicant's biometric information would be summarily shut down. All that would take care of the “leak.” For those who are already here illegally, they would have to register, fill an application, prove that their skills are in demand or that they are employed (albeit illegally), be willing to settle a substantial fee, payable over time like a student loan, and if they have not committed crimes, have paid all their taxes and other obligations such as contribution to social security and medicare, they would eventually earn permanent resident status.

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