Saturday, July 10, 2010

Landlords and tenants imagining too much!

My good friend Bill Bocquet is renegotiating a commercial lease in New York City and I'm trying to finalize a similar operation with a renter in Park City. Even thought we stand in perfectly opposite positions, we both have needs, wants and expectations that are not going to be necessarily embraced by the other party. Each one of them falls victim of imaginary scenarios that turn to be more difficult and complicated than they need to be. We're both thinking of posturing, standing our ground, getting the very best deal possible out of a long-drawn negotiating process.

Yet, as Buddha would say, there's a “middle way” that neither party is able to visualize and focus on. This isn't just about business, but also extends to our personal lives. We're tough, greedy, cynical, are fighting for the extremes, our very best interests and are forgetting that the ideal outcome, which breeds harmony and happiness, is simply located half-way in between. Could we cut to the chase, get there to begin with and manage to have the entire transaction expedited stress-free? That would be far too easy...

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