Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The small extra effort...

We all know that the difference between champions and between winning and losing is often quantifiable into minute differences that often are within one or two percentage points if not less, yet winners always reach the top by keeping on delivering this extra effort, that over time, will hoist them to where they want to be. The encouraging aspect of all this is that we're all capable of incorporating that push for the extra effort as life-long habit; not just in sports, but also into our professional and personal lives. It's often a matter of not putting off till later what could be handled right now.

Over time, these incremental “little efforts” will ratchet us into better positions for all of these categories. To make them happen and become part of our daily lives only requires us to keep on believing in ourselves and in what we do. I tend to call him the “cumulative effect” and just like it only take a few extra drinks a day to become a bona fide alcoholic, accomplishing a few extra efforts on a daily basis will shoot us over to the top in far less time than we think!

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