Friday, July 23, 2010

Different speeds for different folks

We all tend to go through life at different rate of speed and in so doing, often expect others to mirror our own velocity. Think about it this way; if you go strolling with someone, it's a lot easier to enjoy the experience if both individuals are moving at the same pace.

If one goes too fast, the other tires quickly and vice-versa. In business and in life we tend to expect that our partners respond to our demands the way we we wish it should be, namely within our exact time-frame, in the communication style we prefer and – too often – in delivering the outcome precisely as we want it. Reality of course is a far cry from that, and this lopsided set of expectations are more prevalent as we get out of the active life into a retirement mode, when we have far much more time on our hands and when our own precious priorities become all-important. Another area filled with good reasons for seeking moderation and cultivating flexibility...

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