Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Optimism and me...

It's quite possible that I'm the most optimist person of the family. By in large, I see the silver lining in most issues, I'm never willing to give up and ready to assume more than my share of risk and, so far – knock on wood, I've always managed to land on my feet. Was I always like this? Perhaps, but frankly, I'm not that sure. I have had moments of despair and dissatisfaction, but in truth those were probably warranted. When I came to America, I fell in love with the school of “positive thinking” and pretty much anchored my business life to that way of thinking. Then, there is my propensity for dreaming, imagining and my lust for adventures and discovery that it fed by a boundless curiosity.

While I lived in Europe, two experiences had marked my life. First, my mother was a worrier and I soon realized that worrying was a terrible waste of someone's precious time. It was stressful, never ending and in 99% of the cases was totally unwarranted. Then, when I was in high-school, my classmate Mychel Blanc proclaimed that as long as they (teachers, school principals, etc.) had not executed us by hanging, we were okay. As corny as it may sound, this pronouncement kept me going in more than one dire situation.

As expressed earlier, my fearlessness has also been a key pillar to my optimism until I started to collect a bunch of skiing accidents and began to slow down and pay more attention; yet, I'm glad to be an optimist; this trait has served me so well that I intend to work on perfecting it between today and the rest of my life!

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