Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why isn't the economy revving up?

While the stock market is eating itself up, the unemployment not really shrinking and the rest of the world going down in flames, everyone seems to wring their hands at our free-falling economy and on the surface, they're right, but when we really think about it, we are doing this to ourselves by willingly bathing in an ocean of negativity.

Begin with the republican opposition, which is only doing that, opposing every single White House initiative, except keeping us at war. They're in my view the biggest culprits, then there's the media who can only focus on the BP oil disaster making it like a major sport even akin to “the Demolition Olympics.” And there's all the rest, from the Mexican drug cartel murders, the Greek crisis and its cohort of disagreements on how to best deal with governmental debt and the like all the way to Pope Benedict unwilling to step down on pedophilia. How can most people feel good with all this negative bombardment. Can we spend a little bit more to revive the economy? No, we're much too scared. In my view, its past time for someone (President Obama?) to quell that destructive propaganda and find a creative way to turning it around, in America's vital interest.

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