Saturday, September 11, 2010

Building is hard, destroying easy...

On this 9th anniversary of September 11, I was thinking about all the difficulties and the long time inherent with building and growing anything of value, compared to the ease and speed always associated with its destruction. Constructing takes thoughtful planning, time, sacrifices, determination and patience while demolishing can be done instantly and most often in a spectacular manner. The negative ingredients that go into destroying anything that stands on a mean spirited person's path, isn't only found in acts of terrorism, but also in wars, in most act of revenge, retaliation, jealousy, in daily petty deeds, and are the illustration of what particularly poor and deprived minds only seem capable to achieve.
Quick and easy surges of nefarious pleasure. Perhaps the only path upon which we can get closer to pacifism is by painting all these belligerent folks the way they really should: A bunch of uncool, dumb and backward individuals.

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