Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The whole and its pieces

It's so hard to know everything and have a knowledgeable view on the universe that surround us that most of us accept to go through life with a truncated understanding of the whole and rely instead on our familiarity with elements we know best. It's indeed almost impossible to be on top of everything and be able to claim holding a universal view on all topics. Instead we just hold to bits and pieces of knowledge and this is what colors our opinions, our ideas and our way of seeing and appreciating the world around us. We see it from the ground floor instead of having the 30,000 feet view, or better yet the out-of-space overall perspective. So what does all this mean? We can't know everything well, right?

So, should we just give up and make do with our fragmented knowledge and keep muddling through life, or should we instead systematically step out of our routine to enlarge our horizons? I'll take the later, and if our life is just business and sports for example, why not peek into the worlds of arts or travel? If we are just “touchy-feely,” why not explore the realm of technology? In a word, we need to get out of our comfort-zone and step into what remains unknown to us. We won't gain encyclopedic understanding of everything, but this will go a long way to making us more worldly, more aware of what surrounds us and much richer individuals!

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