Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Park City “Farmer's” market

For a few years now, we have had a weekly farmer market at the Canyons, just 2 miles away from our home, each Wednesday, during late spring, summer and fall.
In my wife's opinion, this market is a far cry from the real thing that exists in Europe, as most vendors little to do with edible goods; they're instead selling nick-knack, clothing, handmade jewelry, plus all sorts of rustic and funky items, usually found at local art shows.

Sure, there are some vegetable, produce, cheese, honey, fish and even meat, but the real good produce only show up late in the season, when farmers in the Salt Lake valley begin to harvest their own that's really “made in Utah...” All in all, we enjoy our weekly outing there, and since the month of September and early October are the last manifestations of this local event, we do our best to be there every week as it's also a good opportunity to watch people, and why not, run into someone we know and strike a conversation...

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