Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Costco jeans

In May of 2007, I was marveling at the low cost of my Levi's jeans. While I paid $20.50 for them in 1977, they were still priced at $23.39 in 2007! Sure, they were no longer made in America, they were instead produced somewhere in Central America, but still remained an incredible bargain. Earlier this summer, I finally put an end to that fifty-year love affair with Levi Strauss by switching to... Kirkland jeans, a brand owned by Costco. The garment happened to fit me perfectly and that besides was dirt cheap; consider this: Including tax, a new pair of these pants only cost me $13.84, almost two-for-one compared to Levi's!

That is the cheapest jean I've ever worn and at that low price, you'd think these must be made in China! Nope, they're still made in North America, in neighboring Mexico, and since there's only one model and one color to worry about, this makes my life much easier since I've never fully understood the difference between the 501, 505 and 550 styles that I have worn alternatively without fully realizing the real impact they might have had on my personal image. Sure they're blue, in fact very blue, they're "blue jeans" after all, without any artificial distressed or worn-out features and absolutely nothing artsy about them. They're basic, they fit my body perfectly and time will tell if they're at least as durable as my previous favorite brand. For the moment, I like them and that's what ultimately counts!

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