Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First impressions about New Orleans

That's right, after more than 30 years of residence in America, we had never been to the “Big Easy.” Beyond all the nasty comments we had heard over the year about that city, our first impressions have rather been positive and so far we've had a great time. Granted, the locals aren't the most friendly in the world of tourism, but it's hard to beat our Rocky Mountains hospitality everywhere we go. This said, the seedy, touristy and almost grotesque Bourbon Street scene didn't have much impact on us, and most of our enjoyment went for the remarkable architectural heritage of that town.

We got lucky with a relatively dry and cool weather that made our morning run a little bit more bearable, although it was narrowly limited to the Waldenberg Park area and forced almost three round trips on us to make up for the distance we normally cover in Park City. The food is okay, but it seems that the tourist is squeezed between reasonable and mediocre, and very expensive but still spicy and undefined fare...

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