Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miners Day Parade

Miners Day is Park City's version of Labor Day. We used to have silver in our mountains; today we mine them to extract visitors fun! We have a great parade to celebrate all the town's workers and my wife and I only attended that parade once, with our kids, when we first came to town some 25 years ago. We had taken for granted the 24 other celebrations in between, I guess. Returning yesterday was a surprise as the place was packed with thousands of eager spectators.

There were very, very few old faces that we recognized. All these folks were unknown to us. We rode the bus to Main Street and returned with our free city-wide transportation system. I even shot a video to memorialize the whole event. It was a celebration of work and after watching all the floats, trying to get some freebees and a lot of candy, we were both exhausted; we should have known better, Labor Day is all about work, work, work!

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