Monday, September 6, 2010

Returning to the Great Western Trail

This single track is a wonderful way to trek along the Park City valley and Big Cottonwood Canyon, home to Brighton and Solitude resorts. For the most part, the trail just stay below the 10,000 feet level affording incredible vistas. We used to hike it a lot and once, even went all the way down to Salt Lake City, via Mill Creek Canyon.

Yesterday was a perfect day for this type of excursion even though we only hiked just 8 mile round-trip; let's call this a warm up exercise, but on the end of the one way course, our picnic never tasted so good. The only challenging part is of course accessing the higher elevation via “vomit hill,” but on foot that's always doable; on mountain bike, this can be a totally different experience, hence the nickname and many are the riders who end up walking their bike all the way up. Our next plan is to ride our bikes on that wonderful single track from Gardman's Pass all the way to Salt Lake; we just need to figure out how to organize the car shuttle...

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