Saturday, September 25, 2010

My political views

This of course is as of today and is subject to change as soon as the week is over. I'd like to begin by talking about economics and politics. Both can be mixed, but politics can only affect the former in the long-term (understand 5 years or more) and good economists are needed for that. Unfortunately, good ones are in frightening short supply and, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the “good economist” we knew were mostly oxymoron.
So, let just hope perhaps that a handful of good common sense economists are still hiding somewhere and could advise our political establishment, is the main subject of that topic. I voted for the Democrats and Obama and like many, I'm disappointed in our new President on several counts: The escalation of the Afghan war, the appointment of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner , and the watered-down version of the health care reform deprived of its “public option” that would have positively curbed the continued escalating costs.

This said, everything would have gone much worse had the country elected McCain and Palin and we'd now be in a Zimbabwe-style “great depression” even though at times, our “great recession” seems more like a “little depression.” I wish we had more politicians that are truly fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but I guess that product too isn't available at the moment... As for the “tea party” bunch, instead of being the libertarians they proclaim to be, they're just a bunch of lunatics, which makes me reluctantly accept the Democrats, as the lesser of three evils.

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