Friday, September 24, 2010

Hand-held camera?

I love to shoot and edit videos and have found that I can do some great pieces with very limited means, especially on skis and on my mountain bike. The problem is that my equipment isn't up to par with the type of shots I'm looking for. Consider this: Last weekend I shot more than four minutes non-stop following my dear wife in a meandering single track, up and down and through trees and sagebrush, holding my camera with my right hand and the handlebar with the left. I quickly ran out of steam and that segment ended with my taking a severe and painful tumble as I couldn't hold it anymore.

My left femur took the brunt of the impact and when I had to run the next morning, the pain was so excruciating that I almost stayed home. Of course my wife was there to remind me that riding a mountain bike with barely grabbing the handlebar was a dumb idea, thing that I knew too well, and all that as finally pushed me to the brink of upgrading my mobile video equipment by getting a helmet-mounted camcorder in the very near future. It's not cheap but it will bring two added benefits: First, I won't have to go the hospital anytime I feel like shooting something from the top of my bike and second, it will pave the way to my wearing a helmet when I ski, which is to prove that adversity always bears the seeds of improved safety!

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