Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exploring the bayou

Yesterday, we took our trip into the bayou where we were expecting to see alligators jumping all over our flat bottom boat. We got to see around half a dozen of these creatures that didn't move much and couldn't even be tempted by the pieces of marshmallow thrown to them by our guides. We were told that snakes hanging from the trees might take some pleasure in falling into our boats and biting us, but that prediction also failed to materialize. The size of some alligator mentioned by our Cajun guide were impressive: fourteen foot long for the dominant male in control of the area we were roaming into.
The few we saw were between three and ten foot, so we never really felt threatened! Aside from the staple saurian we came to observe, we saw a few aigrettes, a red tail hawk, some forgettable birds and a couple of racoons that were hiding in a tourist boat next to ours. Bug-wise, we saw a few dragonflies, but not a single mosquito and after a couple of hours of navigating in a jungle-like vegetation, we made it back alive and happy to have explored what seems to be a rather hostile but pretty scenic environment...

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