Saturday, September 4, 2010

The next provinces Canada should annex...

For a very long time, the joke was that Canada really was the 51st state of the United States. In today's economy, the tables are turned and our northern neighbor is now giving us some formidable lessons in good stewardship. Its currency keeps on getting stronger, its economy is sound and the quality of life of its citizens has become the envy of the developing world. So with all this, why not see us being annexed by Canada and becoming one or a bunch of extra provinces. We'd give up our weak Dollar for a new currency called the “Puck” - like in hockey – and an enlarged Canada would get rid of the aging British monarch on its bank notes.

While we're on the subject, hockey would become our national sport, we'd be the largest country in the world, in term of total area, we'd have a wonderful healthcare system and we'd send all the tea-party folks and staunch republicans way south to a country like say, Paraguay, to spread their gospel of trickle-down economics, war and moral order. The good news for me in a larger Canada is that my two languages would now be official and we'd finally become a metric country!

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