Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dreaming about bikes...

Whenever I've even managed to remember them in whole or in parts, I've seldom pulled fantastic ideas from my dreams, until a few nights ago. I somehow received a vivid representation of a simple concept (the best innovative thoughts are always the simplest ones) that has the potential of transforming the way we look at, and use mountain bikes as well as other recreational bicycles.

A deeply religious person might call this a “revelation;” to me, it simply is a surprisingly good inspiration. If correctly developed, applied and marketed, this new design could potentially impact the sport of mountain biking or even leisure biking in huge ways by expending its audience and creating more enthused and committed practionners. So, what's so cool about this invention that could make a sport so hot? Well, I won't tell you yet; I'd rather reserve the right to further develop the idea, in order to verify it's both feasible and worth the effort. So, once more time, let me beg you to please remain patient and to stay tuned!

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