Friday, September 17, 2010

My (new) deal with Fidel

Fidel Castro was my hero for six weeks when I was thirteen years old and so was his sidekick Che, but it didn't take me long to realize that both were armed and dangerous and that their brand of revolutionary method wasn't my cup of tea. At any rate, the old revolutionary and I stayed good friends, shared a good cigar occasionally, and I recently made a deal with Fidel to trade America's market economy theory for the benefit of the entire Cuban people in exchange for a strong dose of his brand of tyranny to bring the out-of-control dogs of Park City under the rule of law (or leash?) with more obedience, and discipline. That was just after the interview he gave Jeffrey Goldberg from “The Atlantic” magazine in which he recognized that “the Cuban model doesn't work anymore.” He accepted my offer, so expect to see more of the old revolutionary and his trademark fatigue or Adidas track suit around our Park City neighborhoods, herding stray dogs, any time soon...

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