Saturday, September 18, 2010

Planting a tree

Do you remember the juniper tree that got “axed” last June? Well, it not only left a sentimental void, but an empty visual space and to remedy this, I had long planned to re-landscape that corner of our house, with some rocks, native plants and possibly some trees. That's right, we also have two tiny aspen sprouts that are trying to grow in that location, but my expectations about their viability is as slim as the current diameter of their stems.
So, this week, as we had nothing better to do, my wife and I visited Park City Nursery to check the trees they still had in inventory, and boys, did they had a forest of unsold goods. As conscientious shoppers, we asked lots of questions and finally settled on an “acer grandidentum” commonly called a Big Tooth Maple that was standing high by the entrance and which leaves were already starting to turn, taking on a gold accent. We paid for the tree and returned the next day with our trailer in tow to load it and bring it home. Yesterday was planting day and I had most of it to locate the area, dig out a very large hole (for once I did it by the book) center the maple into it, stuff the rest of the cavity with homegrown much and voilà! We now have a suitable replacement for that defunct juniper that we personally selected and that is spaced enough from the house so it won't grow into the roof!

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