Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out in the Cold...

Last evening was our last outdoor concert and it happened to fall on a beautiful but very cold day. Temperature never got above 60 during the afternoon and were already down to 50 degrees at 6 pm, when the concert started with Crooked Still and their bluegrass music. We weren't enthused by that number, but the following one, Sara Watkins, proved to be the best of the evening, between her voice, her repertoire, her stage presence and her brother singing along.
We had heard a lot about Ryan Bingham, the evening main artist, the 2010 Academy Award winner, liked quite a few of his songs and the powerful music of his band, the Dead Horses, but were so cold that it put a damper on the crowd's appreciation, the overall atmosphere and our ability to fully participate. Temperature plays a big role in concerts and an outdoor evening concert, in high elevation, early September can be brutal, even if we had dressed warmly (ski jackets, hats, after ski boots...) This finally was our eleventh outdoor concert of the summer and an excellent way to call it a season!

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